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Establishing Strategic Partnerships with Universities

Collaboration opens up more opportunities for students to access better quality programs that will contribute to their professional growth and future career success. This is why Direct Placements works on establishing partnerships with universities to make our Employment Placement Program readily available to students, which they can use to prepare for what lies immediately ahead.

First Successful Partnership with South Bank University

After a series of productive exchanges, we have successfully established our very first partnership with South Bank University. Through this engagement, the university is set to introduce Direct Placements’ Employment Placement Program to its students as a means to help them develop new skills and gain relevant work experience through structured placement, mentoring and training, which will prepare them for the real world of work.

Work Experience Quality Standard

University Partnership Opportunities

Direct Placements is open to working in some capacity with different universities within and outside London. We are excited for the possibilities that a partnership with different universities would open up for the students whom our Employment Placement Program is targeted for.

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