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Human Resources Work Experience

Employment Placement Program


Human Resources Courses for Beginners

A New Way to Get Mentored and Kick-Start Your Career.

At Direct Placements we want to assist candidates who are entering the human resources (HR) sector for the first time, students, and those switching to a new profession. In order to deliver on these goals, we have created a sophisticated solution we refer to as Employment Placement Program (EPP). Candidates can tap into this program to receive structured mentoring from an experienced HR professional. Through this, they can understand and adapt to the demands of the UK job market, get mentored by an experienced HR professional, and gain relevant

HR work experience

that will serve as their competitive edge once they start applying for work.

Practical Mentorship & Experience

Our human resources mentorship and

human resources work experience

program assists you in gaining practical abilities and work experience in the field of human resources. This will play a huge role in bridging your classroom learning with real HR work. As a result, you can fully understand what the field and profession is really like, allowing you to grow your qualifications, increase your chances for employment, and easily adapt to the specific expectations in the UK employment market.

There are three experience levels for our HR mentorship and

human resources course for beginners

: Fundamental, Intermediate, and Advanced. The Fundamental Level explores basic HR concepts and practices and is all about familiarisation of the professional common functions. The Intermediate Level picks up where the fundamental level left off, providing detailed information on HR ethical principles, employment law, and labour relations, and more. Lastly, if you are keen to become proficient in more complex HR topics, the Advanced Level is for you. It is designed to fully prepare you to take on the more challenging functions of HR, including performance management, training and development, and job analysis and design, among others

Depending on your background in HR as well as your learning needs, you can pick one or two levels to complete or even undertake all three levels to make yourself more qualified for a human resources role.

We have structured our HR mentorship and

HR work experience

program in a manner that nurtures potentials. As such, candidates who undertake the program will gain invaluable insights about human resources that are beyond what they have learned in the classroom, and will also make them well versed in varied HR concepts and practices. All these will cultivate their confidence and make them more qualified to take on a human resources role for any company.

To sum it up, what our program delivers is a worthwhile HR mentoring and

human resources work experience

that are sure to develop candidates’ work and leadership skills, expand their knowledge base of the profession, improve their employability, and increase their professional value.

Fundamental Level Experience

Candidates gain increased knowledge of basic HR concepts, terminologies, and practices. Varied basic HR-related tasks will also be completed for comprehension and progress tracking. By giving emphasis on the foundations of the subject, candidates get the opportunity to fully understand what the HR function is all about, including the responsibilities it entails, the challenges it faces, and how it is affected by external factors like shifting labour market and government regulations. In addition to those, candidates will also learn about the following:

  The human resources environment upon which HR professionals operate

   Strategy development and planning in human resources

  Understanding workforce, labour markets, and recruitment and selection process

  Background checks conducted by human resources and how to go about them

   Varied elements of the HR function (recruitment, selection, training and development, etc.)

   Getting familiar with each HR element’s concepts and terminologies

Intermediate Level Experience

Candidates who undertake this level are introduced to HR concepts that are beyond the topics covered in the fundamental level, such as disciplinary issues, ethical principles, and policy and guideline making. It is meant to hone planning and decision-making skills and improve capacity to deal with different situations that may arise in the workplace. Following are some of the relevant information that can be gleaned from this level:

  Matters of workplace discipline: disciplinary issues and the measures to address them

  Implementing different dismissal types

  Ethical issues in the workplace and managing ethical principles

  Preparation and standardisation of workplace policies and guidelines

  Instituting workplace generational values

  The workplace handbook and guidelines for its distribution

  How to align human resources with the policies of the organisation

  Understanding employment law and labour relations

Advanced Level Experience

Candidates can gain thorough understanding of practices and strategies for human capital development and their implementation in the workplace. With such knowledge, candidates can learn how to be more strategic in increasing or maintaining employees’ performance, enhancing productivity, and maximising human capital. The following are some of the topics touched upon in great depth at this level:

  Performance management and performance culture in the workplace—going about performance appraisals and addressing poor performances

  Giving emphasis on the development of human resources through trainings and other relevant activities

  Why human capital matters in an organisation

  Implications of behavioural science, government regulations, and court decisions in human resources

  Understanding job analysis and design

Human Resources Work Experience


Human Resources training and development course

is a fundamental part of our program designed for knowledge base development. Through this training course, aspiring or new HR professionals can acquire the ability needed to carry out a number of HR functions properly and efficiently, including recruitment and selection, training and development, policy making and implementation, and performance management, among others.


Human resources training and development course

is as straightforward and comprehensive as it gets, making it an ideal resource even for those who are new to the HR field/profession. However, having a basic background in HR would also be ideal for beginning this course to fully immerse in its lessons and gain the most benefit from it.

What will you learn?

Within the modules of this training program are general guidelines and information related to HR practices as well as tools you can use to better handle or manage the HR function. As you go through the course, you will be able to augment your understanding of different facets of managing human resources as well as the concepts essential to it, including organisational behaviour, employee motivation and satisfaction, leadership, conflict resolution, and communication just to name a few.

The course includes:

  An introduction to organisational behaviour

  The development of management thought

  Organisational behaviour and its importance to management

  The individual and the organisation

  Attitudes learning

  Motivation theories and their implications for management

  The nature and meaning of job satisfaction

  Nature significance


  Conflict and conflict resolution

  Communication processes and barriers

Benefits of the Mentorship Program

  Remote mentorship, training &

HR work experience

with partner HR firms.

  In-house recruitment facilities to help secure employment and interviews.

  Human resources training course

  Certification on completion of

human resources training and development


  Reference & recommendation letters provided by partner HR firms.

  FREE career HR coaching program & pre-interview screening tests, increasingly used by employers to select candidates.

  Each mentorship program has a maximum of 10 candidates delivered in a friendly remote way which allows candidates to study full time, work full time, and still gain the work experience they need.

  Candidates can ask questions and raise issues freely with their mentor. You can be assured that you will receive one to one individual attention from our team.

Who is this suited for?

Our HR mentorship and

human resources work experience program

runs for three (3) full months to ensure that candidates will gain its full benefits. It is best suited for:

  Those completely new to the human resources field or have no previous HR experience or qualification but are keen to take on the HR career path.

  Those currently studying about human resources or are undertaking HR-related certification or qualification and would like to supplement their learning.

  Those with experience doing HR work overseas and would like to gain full understanding of HR practices applicable here in the UK.

  Owners of small to mid-sized companies who have limited knowledge of HR functions, but would like to learn how to effectively manage one or more HR tasks such as recruitment, employee training and development, compensation and benefits administration, etc.


For Students and University Graduates

Pay only


for the entire program or


for each level

The full fee must be settled before the start of the mentorship program.

For Non-Graduates



for the entire program

Settle £495 before the start of the mentorship program and pay the remaining balance in two monthly instalments of £250/month.

Fully Payment Discount

For non-graduates who opt to pay the £995 upfront, we will provide a




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