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Frequently Asked Questions

The Employment Placement Program (EPP) is a scheme that brings togetherremote mentorship and employment assistance. It is intended to help candidates kick-start their professional career. We understand that lack of job-related skills and work experience is the biggest barriers for new graduates to break into the roles they want to pursue. To address that, we have created the EPP and launched it at the start of 2017. Through the program, candidates are able to receive mentorship from seasoned professionals, thereby giving them the skills and work experience they need to secure full-time employment. We have had a success rate of 95% employment through our EPP.

The beauty of this program is that it is offered in a remote arrangement, giving candidates the flexibility to maintain their day jobs or other commitments.

To be accepted in our Employment Placement Program, you must be any of the following:
  • A university graduate
  • Currently studying a course or are keen to take a qualification relevant to the sector you are interested in.
  • Have some form of background in that sector and want to work on your qualifications.
Apply to us with your CV and one of our senior consultants will get in touch with you to advise whether or not you are eligible for our EPP.

Our EPP offers professional development flexibility. We know that not everyone can commit working in-house. People have to attend to their jobs, studies, family responsibilities, and other commitments that may prevent them from gaining work experience in the sector they are trying to break into. 

It is for the said reason that we have arranged our program to be delivered remotely. That means, you can receive mentorship a without having to leave your current job or giving up on your existing commitments. You can also complete the tasks that will be assigned to you at home, in the library, or wherever you are in the world. This should enable you to gain work experience on the go. 

In case you require support in the process, rest assured that we will be on hand to provide assistance.

No. This is a non-paid mentorship opportunity. Since this is done on a remote basis, you are in control of the amount of time you will render. At the end of the day, you will gain experience and transferrable skills that are relevant to the role/job you would like to pursue.

The EPP is a 3-month mentorship program. This, however, may take longer depending on your pace in completing the assigned tasks. Based on our experience, candidates with at least three months of mentorship and work experience to show are 90% more likely to secure employment than those who don't.

We have developed partnerships with over 200 small- and medium-sized companies throughout the UK.

When you pass our assessment, we will arrange your mentorship with one of our partner companies. There, you will be assigned a mentor, who will guide you through the entire program and assign you tasks you need to complete. Aside from your mentor, you can also contact our Learning Support team at any time to address any problem you may have regarding your mentorship.

Go here to find more information about our EPP, including details about the program fee.

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