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Employment Placement Program

A New Way to Get Mentored and Kick-Start Your Career

Direct Placements aims to become the number one remote recruitment and sector-focused mentorship provider in the UK. We want to assist candidates who are entering the workforce for the first time, switching to a new profession, or seeking to climb up the career ladder. In order to deliver on these goals, we have created a sophisticated solution we refer to as Employment Placement Program (EPP). Candidates can tap into this program to receive a structured mentoring from an experienced professional. Through this, they can understand and adapt to the demands of the UK job market, learn new skills, and gain relevant work experience that will serve as their competitive edge one they start applying for work.

Reasons to Choose Direct Placements' Employment Placement Program (EPP)

Helping you get into the right career path is our business. We consider our program as one of the best around. So when you choose it over any other career preparation program, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Structured remote mentorship for professional skills development

We will connect you with a mentor who will give you insights about the field you want to be a part of and guide you through different dimensions and functions of the role you wish to pursue. Your mentor will also train you on how to complete different tasks common to the profession. For instance, if you want to be an accounting professional, you will be assigned to complete real client accounts, letting you become familiar with the process and practices.

Practical Mentorship

Relevant work experience to help you become employable

As you are being mentored, you can also gain real-work perspective on the field of your choice (accounting, human resources, or digital marketing) that may otherwise be not available through classroom learning. This should help you have better career prospects, knowing that you have a competitive edge to show to potential employers.

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Support like no other

Our team of career specialists is with you in every step of the way, so you can get the assistance you need during the entire EPP process. We will connect you with employers that are seeking for candidates with skills like yours, provide you career guidance and advice and help you with CV and interview preparation.

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Absolute pass

The efficiency of our program is apparent from our 100% pass rating. Also, majority of the candidates who have joined in and completed our Program were able to receive full-time job offers from employers across different industry sectors.

Employment Placement Program Employment Placement Process

If you are having a hard time finding work in today's competitive job market, our team of experienced career specialists are ready to assist you. With their solid background in recruitment and deep understanding of the job market, the team knows what employers look for in candidates. They then use that industry knowledge to help candidates in their professional development--working on their weaknesses, reinforcing their strengths, improving their behaviour, expanding their know-how, and building their confidence. In doing so, candidates are able to present themselves well in job interviews and placements, and differentiate themselves from other hopefuls.

Moreover, our team of career specialists have established connections with many of the top employers throughout the country. That means they know which companies are hiring and in need of additional hands and skills. They also receive feedback regarding applications made by candidates we have assisted as well as the latest information and trends about the job market.

We assure you that our team of career specialists are committed to giving you the assistance to navigate the job market and the competitive advantage you need to secure a job and forge ahead in your career.

Work Experience Program

Direct Placements thrives to make its EPP accessible to everyone. This is why we keep our program fee affordable, while also offering flexible payment terms.

For Students and University Graduates

Pay only £495 for the entire program. The full fee must be settled before the start of the mentorship program.

For None-Graduates

Pay £995 for the entire program. Settle £495 before the start of the mentorship program and pay the remaining balance in two monthly installments of (£250/month).

Fully Payment Discount

For none-graduates who opt to pay the £995 upfront, we will provide a 15% discount.

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